Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In the aftermath of the Synod on the Family, in which faithful Catholics are often being unjustly compared to Pharisees, it's good to see we're not alone in being so charged. This morning I happened to remember this anecdote from St. Therese's "The Story of a Soul" concerning her father, St. Louis Martin (who coincidentally enough was canonized at the Synod...)
"During our pilgrimage we were in the train for days and nights together, and to wile away the time our companions played cards, and occasionally grew very noisy. One day they asked us to join them, but we refused, saying we knew little about the game; we did not find the time long—only too short, indeed, to enjoy the beautiful views which opened before us. Presently their annoyance became evident, and then dear Papa began quietly to defend us, pointing out that as we were on pilgrimage, more of our time might be given to prayer.

"One of the players, forgetting the respect due to age, called out thoughtlessly: 'Thank God, Pharisees are rare!' My Father did not answer a word, he even seemed pleased; and later on he found an opportunity of shaking hands with this man, and of speaking so pleasantly that the latter must have thought his rude words had either not been heard, or at least were forgotten."
Now just to learn to follow St. Louis Martin's example in how to respond to such accusations...

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